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Garage Door Cables Repair Broward, Miami, Palm Beach Fl.

We offer garage door cables repair Broward, Miami, Palm Beach FL.
A garage door cable can occur for few reasons. In this post we will explain what the most common reasons are and what causes this problem. We will also go over the damaging affect a snapped cable can have on your garage door.
The most common reason that can either cause you cable to snap or that will damage your garage door cable are:

Damaged Weather Strip.

If your weather Strip is damaged, worn down, ripped or replaced/installed improperly in bad weather rain water can seep through and damage the cables causing corrosion which can then leads to a snapped cable.  The cables carry all the weight of the garage door therefore if they have any damage whatsoever they cannot withstand the weight and the cable will snap. Once the cable snaps it can cause serious damage to other functioning parts of the garage door such as the side tracks, garage door opener carriage, rollers, etc.
garage door cables repair Broward, Miami, Palm Beach FL

Improperly Installed/Loose Springs.

Improperly tied springs can cause a snapped or damaged cable. When a spring cannot handle the tension of the door being open the cables will then jump from the pulleys and  either snap or become damaged which can result in damage to your garage door or the door closing unevenly resulting in the door becoming stuck,  bending the tracks and destroying the rollers.
garage door cables repair Broward, Miami, Palm Beach FL.

Damaged Pulleys.

A damaged pulley can cause a snapped cable.  Your garage door cable is simply a metal rope. A series of small metal wires are braided together to make the cable. If the pulley has any damage on the walls of the wheel it can snap the cable due to the constant friction. If there is a minor crack in the pulley it may take a while but eventually it will cut through one of the small wires automatically weakening the cable. If this goes unnoticed one by one the small wires that make the cable will snap inevitably causing the entire cable to snap under tension.
garage door cables repair Broward, Miami, Palm Beach FL.


On this service call our Tech arrived and saw the door in the position you see in Example #1. As you can see in the picture the door is uneven the right side was open and the left side was closed and touching the floor. After the technician checked the garage he saw that the cable had not only jumped out from the pulley  but was damaged and bent as you see in Example #2. The technician believes that this occurred due to the springs being too loose. The reason the door is uneven is because the right side cable is still in the pulley and pulling up the door like it is supposed to. The left side is down because the cable jumped from the pulley.

To repair the damaged garage door the technician has to close the door, open the system, replace cables and tighten the springs.



Our company specializes in all types of garage door replacements, repairs, and maintenance. There are many components to the workings of a garage door and they all carry intense pressure and weight. Our Licensed Technicians that are  qualified and experienced to handle snapped cables, broken or bent cables of any length and diameter of cable.