Genie Screwdrive Damaged Carriage

The screw drive carriage can be damaged due to multiple reasons. The most common is caused by high pressure. High pressure is caused by the motor rail limit not being adjusted properly. Signs of this occurring, is when you see the garage door opening too much or the motor continues to attempt to close the door when already shut. If the motor continues when the door is fully shut it causing immense pressure on the carriage causing the teeth of the carriage to grind down. Once the teeth are completely stripped the genie screwdriver opener cannot carry the carriage because the teeth are gone and the carriage slides from the screw of the rail preventing the garage door from opening.

Extreme weight is the most popular reason that damage occurs to the genie screwdriver carriage. This problem happens when the springs need to be replaced or there is not enough tension in the springs. It may also occur if springs are recently changed, not installed properly, or there is too much tension.  When there is more weight applied to the carriage than it can handle the garage door slides shut verses shutting at a controlled speed. The carriage will also slide with the speed of the door because it is attached to the door which also grinds the teeth of the carriage.

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