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It seems like such an unimportant piece but in actuality if the weatherstrip is badly worn or damaged it can cause some serious problems. If water gets in past the weatherstrip then it can cause corrosion to vital parts of the garage door system such as the cables, bottom brackets, and to the bottom panels of the garage door. The weatherstrip’s main purpose is to protect from outside weather conditions such as water, wind and heat. It also protects against dust, leaves, lizards and snakes. The weatherstrip can become damaged for a few reasons and can be damaged in different ways.

One reason the weatherstrip can become damaged is the weather. Over time the material of the weatherstrip will harden and dry from the heat and the cold. When the weatherstrip becomes too dry it will eventually begin to crack and disintegrate.

Another reason is that the weatherstrip was not properly installed. If the weatherstrip was installed improperly that means that the weatherstrip is too short for your door leaving gaps on either side.

The weatherstrip cannot cause direct damage to your door but if it is not in good shape it will cause damage to other parts of the garage. A bad weatherstrip is not always visible. If the material is dry, flat, or if there is a space between weatherstrip and floor it is considered damaged.



 Our company responds to all types of garage door services. When our technicians diagnose a problem they will also check to see why the problem occurred in the first place.  The weatherstrip may not be a vital component in the functioning of your garage door but if not in good condition can lead to other vital components to become damaged and corroded.