Our company specializes in fixing of all garage doors residential and commercial. Any garage door has hardware, your hardware is composed of Hinges, Rollers, Pulleys, Torsion Cables, Tracks and Shaft . Your garage door moves all the time so it’s natural that in time hardware brakes down. We suggest that every 6 months a Garage door needs to have maintenance done to it that consists of lubricating the Tracks tight the Hinges and check that the bearings in the Rollers are working properly etc etc. Most single car Garage doors weigh between 380 lbs and 500 lbs and a Double car Garage Door between 500 lbs and 800 lbs that is a lot of weight so in time Rollers and most hardware will wear down . Our technicians have at all times all of the Garage door hardware so you can be sure we can fix your Garage Door problems.