Damaged Garage Door Track.


Damaged Garage Door Track.

Damaged Garage Door Tracks, Why It Important to Replace?

Damaged Garage Door Track system on residential garage doors is a very complex system and attempting to repair a problem yourself can not only be dangerous but there are so many factors to the troubleshooting process that without a licensed professional you will end up fixing something that was never broken which will only cause more damage. Usually in these cases the cables will be inoperable and any related mechanisms could be in need of servicing. You will know if the tracks have been compromised if the garage door gets stuck, does not open and close smoothly or if the door is uneven with functioning. These problems sometimes occur when tracks are misaligned or mounted poorly causing the rollers to malfunction. The tracking system should be serviced so that all brackets and parts are checked by a licensed technician to avoid any problems. See Service Agreement.
We do not recommend our customers to fix the damaged garage door track themselves for safety reasons.

what is the purpose of the garage door tracks?

There are many different purposes for having non damaged garage door track, we will tall you the main reasons that can save you save and your home.

General purpose of the garage door track:

The garage door tracks are the guide of the door which means the door can only travel as  far the track goes and the direction its installed. can be 12 Inc Radius or 15 Inc Radius high lift garage door or low had room feet garage door tracks.
So if the garage door tracks are the guide of the door we don’t want them to be garage door damaged tracks because when door is open all they way up it can slide and fall on your car or on you.