Damaged Garage Door Rollers

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There is a variety of garage door rollers that come in different sizes, material and strength. The sizes of the rollers can be a 4.4 inch, 7.0 inch or a 9.5 inch depending on the size of the door. The different materials they can be made of are various types of nylon and metals. It is important to know what type of rollers to use in a garage door. If you use a roller that is too short the door can jump from the tracks while in motion and damage almost all the components of the door such as panels, hinges and the opener. The type of material that the roller is made of makes the difference in how quietly the garage door functions. A roller that is made primarily of nylon will make less noise than one made of mostly metal. This difference is purely for convenience but as per functionality the material the roller is made of makes little difference, both function the same.

A garage door roller can become damaged due to a few different reasons. One of the reasons is the lifetime of the material. The average roller lasts only a few years. After a few years the housing of the bearings becomes loose causing the bearing to jump from its place in turn the rollers will malfunction.

Another reason is the weight of your door. A garage door that is too heavy or just slightly heavier than it should be will deliver more pressure onto the bearings wearing down the rollers in a shorter amount of time.

Also, if your tracks are not straight it will cause the roller to become worn down unevenly.


A bad garage door roller does not always mean that it is totally broken. It can just be a non functioning roller. Most of the time the garage door rollers are damaged or bad you will hear a lot of scratching noise while the door is in operation. A damaged or bad garage door roller is not healthy for your garage door system or for other garage door components such as the tracks, the motor and the way the garage door functions.


I answered a service call today and the guy told me he was afraid to close his garage door because of the noise it made while opening. He was afraid to cause anymore damage and was really worried that the problem was serious because the noise was horrendous.

When I arrived at the house and took a look at the garage components I immediately noticed that one of his tracks was slightly bent. After further investigation I removed the bad roller and explained to the customer that the roller had become worn on one side causing the roller to become uneven.

The garage door was also an old fashioned top of the line hurricane proof door which are slightly heavier than the average door which causes the rollers to wear down sooner than there time to begin with.

The customer was extremely relieved to know that the problem was minor and I then proceeded to replace the rollers and repair the track.




Our company can quickly and efficiently diagnose a damaged roller and replace the roller in as little as five minutes per roller. It is adamant that rollers get replaced every few years to avoid any damage to your garage door. Your garage door roller plays an essential part in your door functioning smoothly and quietly.