Broken Garage Door Opener Metal Chain Carrier Gear

A broken metal chain carrier gear occurs when the chain is either too tight, the gear is subjected to impact or the door is too heavy.

If the chain is too tight it applies pressure to the gear which then leads to the metal grinding finally snapping and causing the door to not open or close. The chain will fall from its position, loose tension and remain limp on rail.
A gear can suffer impact if the garage door is open and pressure is applied to close it manually or if the garage door is in the process of opening or closing and a spring snaps releasing additional weight onto the gear. In either situation the gear will break and the chain will remain loose on the rail.
Extreme weight on the door can cause the gear to break releasing the chain from the gear causing the garage door to no longer open or close.

I had a service call to go repair a garage door that was opened in the morning and now would not shut.
When I arrived at the home I proceeded to check the most common problem which is the motor and everything was fine. I then noticed the metal chain that goes around the carrier gear hanging on the rail. I was curious as to how the gear had snapped since the door was open. The springs were in good condition so I assumed that the chain had been tied too tight.

I replaced the gear and when I placed the chain on the gear I realized that the chain seemed to fit correctly. When I mentioned my confusion to the home owner he then told me that the kids had been playing basketball in the driveway earlier that day and had been hanging from the garage door.

I explained to him that the added weight to the door was the reason the gear had snapped causing the door to not close. I also gave him a quick rundown on how dangerous it is to apply pressure on a garage door that is being held open under high pressure. One of the kids could have been seriously injured.



Our company provides all forms of services for Garage Door Opener Metal Chain Carrier Gears. There are a few problems that can occur with the metal chain on the carrier gear. It can be tied to tight or it can snap all together. At times the actual carrier gear may become damaged, worn or broken resulting in the garage door not opening or closing. Our licensed technicians are skilled at diagnosing and repairing any issues related to the metal chain carrier gear.

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